Adam Batchelor

"Taking influence from social injustices and issues throughout the world, my work explores the breakdown and conflict between humanity, the man-made and the natural world, and looks into the ever rapid transition of developing cultures. I introduce themes of capitalism and consumerism and highlight the threat these have on global issues such as the rights for Indigenous people, the agricultural industry, corruption, health, war and conflict. The work is predominantly created using mechanical and coloured pencils to produce intricate, evocative drawings with a subtle political punch. The drawings are meticulously reproduced from appropriated imagery to appear real. The work addresses the relationships we form to make sense of the world around us and meanders between the real, the socioeconomic, the hyper-real and the fake."

Adam Hancher

“I’m mainly influenced by various forms of print, and this is quite clear within my work. Through working with pencil and ink, I draw upon print techniques to emulate the quality and aesthetic of manual printing even when working digitally.

“I’m a huge fan of storytelling, especially of the sort you find in Spaghetti Westerns (“For a Few Dollars More” and “Once Upon a Time in the West”), Film noir, and anything medieval. But I’m particularly inspired by the work of 18th century engraver Thomas Bewick, whose woodblock prints are madly intricate…”

Aimée van Drimmelen

Aimée van Drimmelen is an illustrator, graphic designer and animator residing on the west coast of Canada. She has exhibited art in New York and Montréal, and works regularly with clients in publishing, music and design.

Her circular works were originally painted by hand on drum skins.

Alex Beeching

“I have long been interested in the idea of finding one’s way, both literally and metaphorically. The stars can give you your bearings, like Polaris, or tell you your longitude and latitude. The Mesopotamians saw many things in the heavens: Orion’s belt, and the twelve signs of the zodiac to name but a few. Later, others saw different patterns there so that, for instance, the Assyrian Hired Man and the Swallow became the constellations of Aries and Pisces.

What struck me about these star maps is that with the slight effort of imagination one can see what one wants there, just as a cloud can look like a camel, a hat and a trombone respectively to different people. A constellation implies a relationship. The stars are grouped together to form a pattern and then a label is put on that pattern. Perception works in much the same way. We call a flat surface with four (although not necessarily) legs a table. But whence this identity? What defines “tableness?”

I decided to come up with my own set of imaginary constellations. First drawn in pencil, they were scanned into a computer and then turned into a negative. I have sought to make them pleasing to the eye, and to give them a stark simplicity so that they will look well in many sorts of space.”

Alexander Semenov

“In 2007, I graduated from Lomonosov’s Moscow State University in the department of Zoology. I specialized in the study of invertebrate animals, with an emphasis on squid brains. Soon after, I began working at the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS) as a senior laborer. WSBS has a dive station, which is great for all sorts of underwater scientific needs, and after 4 years working there, I became chief of our diving team. I now organize all WSBS underwater projects and dive by myself with a great pleasure (and always with a camera).”

Alexandra Gjurasic

“My art is inspired by my dream diary, memories, patterns of the natural world and commonalities of global cultures. These pieces assemble to create new thoughtscapes, weaving ties between the outwardly similar and the seemingly disparate and creating a powerful greater whole. Repetition unites multiples into a visual haiku. Individuals synergize into an army of one. Color creates patterns. Objects align in compositions that evoke sacred rhythms. Through my art, I aspire to gift the observer with a higher vibration of the visual and an elevated sense of the unseen world.”

Anna Jensen

"My paintings are psychological landscapes and emotionally complex narratives. I combine references to art history, pop culture, natural science and personal chronicles to represent the conflicts of life. The titles are important elements. Like me the stories are at once funny and sad."

Ameesha Lee

Ameesha Lee Earnshaw is an Australian illustrator who is currently based in Toronto, Canada. She started her career
in one of the most isolated cities in the world, Perth, Western Australia, as a graphic designer. Before long she made
the move to the big city of Sydney where she worked as a motion graphics designer for various post production and
design studios.

Two years later, with itchy feet & high hopes, she boarded a plane in the summer of 2003 and headed to the snow
capped city of Toronto where she found a home in the creative team at MTV. With a love for all projects illustrated
& moving, she finds delight in anything hand-drawn, stitched up, cut-out, moved around and painted on and eagerly
awaits her next adventure. She loves working with inspired quirky-types who also like drinking ridiculous amounts of
hot tea (Earl Grey please) with the occasional bickie (Australian for cookie) while discussing time travel and why jet
packs are yet to be invented.

Ashley Barron

Ashley Barron is a big fan of paper.

She finds it, paints it, prints on it, punches it, cuts it out, arranges it and pastes it down to compose everything from pigeons to postmen.

Originally from Whitby, Ontario, Ashley now lives in Toronto. She graduated from OCAD in 2007 with a Bachelor of Design and has been working as a freelance illustrator ever since.

Becca Stadtlander

Becca Stadtlander was born and raised in Covington, Kentucky. She attended the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she earned a BFA in Illustration.

Ben McRae

“I’m intrigued by the wide open expanses that harbor so many hidden secrets, it’s beautiful landscapes, dangerous and varied wildlife and the diminishing cultures that all exist in such close proximity to one another. It is so different to our lives here in the western world, that I now actually feel more comfortable among the wilds of Africa and the various tribes I visit than I do in my own town. I now feel myself longing to be back in the harsh realities of Africa anytime I am away from it”.

Ben’s regular travel to Africa and his subsequent photographic journeys have seen him drive thousands upon thousands of kilometers through all of southern and eastern Africa in search of that perfect image.

Personal Website:

Brad Woodfin

Born a son of the maritimes in Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1970. Brad headed west in 1991 and eventually studied printmaking and painting at The Evergreen State College. Brad now lives in Montréal.

Personal website:

Brian Vu

Brian Vu is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

Brigitte Niedermair

Originally from South Tyrol in Italy, Brigitte Niedermair is a self-taught artist who possesses a diverse background in drawing, painting, and photography. She has worked primarily in fashion since 2000, yet still integrates her varied artistic experience in the composition of her photographs. Brigitte specializes in female portraiture. Throughout her work, both personal and commercial, she examines the culture of tradition and modernity, often elegantly juxtaposing opposing forces in a single photograph. Brigitte has shown her work in four solo museum and gallery exhibitions: “Bible, Bird, and Fire” (1999); “MaDonna” (2000); “Let’s get married” (2009); and “Madame Hirsch” (2010).

Brooke Weeber

Brooke Weeber is a Portland-based illustrator who brings whimsical, nature-based scenes to life. Her complex pieces combine animals with instruments, ribbons with clouds and always feature her iconic subtle color palate and playful aesthetic. Brooke finds her inspiration from various natural landscapes as well as Greek and Native American culture. She started drawing when she was a young thing, but started focusing on it in high school and later in college. After receiving her BFA in painting from the University of Oregon in 2003, Brooke flew her native Northwest for the big city, where she focused on her other passion – professional baking. She received a degree in Professional Pastry Baking at the French Culinary Institute of New York in 2005 and worked as a high-end cake decorator immediately. Craving more trees and more drawing space, Brooke packed up her apartment and re-rooted herself in Portland in 2009. She’s been cranking out pieces ever since and has had shows locally at Mississippi Studios, the Farm, and Tribute Gallery. She’s pleased as punch to be on her bike, thinking of pictures and what kind of cake to make for her next friend’s birthday.

Bruno Borges

Bruno Borges is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in São Paulo.

Cameron Whitman

Cameron Whitman is a commercial and stock photographer, residing in the DC metro area with his wife, two sons, two cats, and a fridge stuffed with film. He enjoys shooting commercial food photography and portraits, seeing live music, and collecting as many film cameras as his wife will allow.

Visit Cameron at

Carolin Loebbert

Carolin Loebbert is an illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. In 2008 she graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, and since then her illustrations have appeared in numerous magazines, anthologies, and exhibitions around the world.

“I’m drawn to nature, music, people, poems, animals, history, science, the past, the future, the present…pretty much everything I get in touch with during the day. I think that nature is the root of everything: it’s basic and essential and surrounded by a marvellous spirit, and that especially inspires me to create. If just one person is able to look at my work and get new ideas, or feel happy, or feel that same marvellous spirit I felt, then I am satisfied.”

Personal website:

Christopher Savage

"My practice is deeply rooted in the act of drawing as it provides access to a fragmented visual reality that indirectly describes what's going on in my mind. Like dreaming, drawing reveals the inner history gleaned from what is observed and warped by the imagination. Its a process that has always been present for me, I would constantly draw and doodle during classes, but not until I enrolled in art school did it begin to emerge as my medium of choice. It appealed to me because of how simple an act drawing is, its wide applications to other mediums, and its highly ephemeral qualities. As my drawing practice progressed I began reflecting on contemporary and historical images from books, magazines, photographs, and memories. I now pull to the surface the emotionally charged images which are then deconstructed and simplified, combining the strange and ambiguous with the representational. I look to reference the historical narrative and utopian vision, while not presenting a definitive narrative to allow for multiple readings by the viewer."

Cody Hamilton

Cody Hamilton is an advertising and editorial photographer specializing in creating images with a visual twist and an off beat humor. His style reflects his love of the great surrealist painters with a modern and clean aesthetic. He believes in running a service-oriented business and values working closely with his clients. He lives in Austin, TX with is wife, daughter and “Buffalo”.

Colleen Michael

“My name is Colleen and I live in Victoria, British Columbia. I like to draw a lot, paint a little, take photographs and light things on fire.”

Conrad Crespin

My name is Conrad Christopher Emilio Crespin.
I try to live a life of observation and creation.
I am interested in building something from nothing.
Starting from scratch. Making new paths.
I am interested in patterns and form.
I am thinking about how we relate.
I am thinking about design and process.
I want to stop worrying about where I am going.
I want to focus on learning and building.

Denton Crawford

"Denton Crawford received his MFA in drawing and painting from the University of Georgia and his BFA in painting from the University of South Florida, where he was also a preparator at the University’s Contemporary Art Museum. He has exhibited work in California, Seattle and at numerous galleries in the southeast. His work was also included in the 2013 spring release of Studio Visit magazine. He is a visiting assistant professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY."

Devin Tepleski

Devin Tepleski is a photographer, filmmaker, social researcher and founder of Friends of Bui, a non-profit dedicated to empowering, through photography and film, Ghanaian communities displaced by Bui Hydroelectric Dam.

His photographic work has been exhibited widely and collected around the world. After winning a 2010 International Photography Award for Portraiture, the 2011 Hearst Bienniale in New York, and receiving a nomination by the IPA's for Discovery of the Year, he was invited to exhibit his work alongside some of his photographic heroes. The show with Massimo Vitali, Joel Meyerowitz, Abelardo Morell, and others went up at Bonni Benrubi Gallery in Manhattan in the summer of 2011.

Dustin Adams

California born Dustin Adams' photography merges the ethereal visuals from dreams with the inspiring terrain that surrounds him on adventures near and far. Over the past decade, he has built and developed multiple light boxes that draw in light and reflect holographic paper and other materials onto 35mm film as it is passed and exposed through the box. The effect created depicts the allure of a foggy dream and the beauty of natural landscapes that words fall short to explain.

Elizabeth Amento

"My emotional relationships, between people, between colors, and the synthesis of both are recalled in my paintings and assemblage work. Every moment is imbued with energy, and I aim to translate my recollection of memorable experiences of daily social interactions and unique intimate encounters. Though the use of materials, found images and gouache, by creating and laying shapes, discovering new colors and compositions, I find myself questioning intimacy versus space in the play and development of each piece."

Elliot Beaumont

Elliot Beaumont is a Sydney born Illustrator now residing in Berlin. Working with subdued palette, his work is personal and unique, and often simultaneously naive and mysterious. Washed-out surreal portraits, animals and objects are favored subjects, often painted on found or recycled paper.

Emily Barletta

Emily Barletta is an artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York.

Emma Palm

Emma Palm lives and works between the Central-Alberta prairies, and Vancouver Island's craggy coastline. A strong sense of community, want to 'get her hands dirty', and affinity for well-worn denim are souvenirs of a rural childhood. As an artist she is interested in acts of remembrance, storytelling, and archival processes.

Eric Warner

“While I’ve been working in photography for almost a decade, it is within the last few years that I’ve really discovered my passion for film. Maybe it is nostalgia for the past, for a simpler time, but my explorations in film have really helped me explore the craft of photography. Old cameras that seem outdated still create beautiful images. Selection of film type and processing techniques also allow seemingly limitless possibility. I appreciate that my results are not manipulated on a computer screen; they come from my own two hands.”

Grady Mitchell

Grady Mitchell is a writer and photographer in Vancouver, Canada. He's particularly interested in documentary and portraiture work. When not working (even when he should be working) he enjoys travel, motorcycles, and not letting people touch his bellybutton. 

Personal Website:

Grant Harder

Born and raised in Prince George, Grant now calls Vancouver home. After transitioning from full time tree planter/world traveler to student to photo assistant, he is now shooting portraits and travel features for great magazines such as The Walrus, enRoute and Montecristo. These days, when not shooting, you can find him renovating his home in the neighborhood of Strathcona.

Hagar Vardimon

Hagar Vardimon currently lives and works in Amsterdam,The Netherlands.

Hannah Campbell

Hannah Campbell is an artist based in Vancouver, on Coast Salish Territories. She holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and has received multiple awards for her work, including a Canon Photography Award. Hannah uses art as a medium to share stories and create collective experiences between strangers. Her recent work is an exploration of how imagery, storytelling and memories are connected. Through social engagement with the public, she seeks to create a narrative of untold stories of the everyday. Check out more of her work on her personal site.

Backyard and Long Walk are part of a series taken while completing an artist residency in the Norwegian Arctic Circle.

Hayley Warnham

Hayley Warnham is an Illustrator and Visual Artist who likes to Cut and Paste.


Applying a simple, humble approach to both work and life, iejvxr strives to create art that feels good and can be shared with loved ones.

Isobel Wood

The pixelation of these faces confounds our anthropomorphic projections and frustrates our tendency to want to read signs of temperament/character in our pet animals. A common reaction is to assume criminality – perhaps that’s just a sign of watching too much Cops With Cameras .

“I am a 19 year old female/painter, born in North Carolina but very much of British descent. When I am not in the studio I can be found writing explicit limericks, reading furiously, or modelling for other young artists and designers.”

Jack Hudson

Bristol based Jack Hudson is a freelance illustrator and designer.

Jaime Hogge

“I typically don’t try to create images about a single idea or concept. I prefer to leave things open to interpretation as much as possible, so that different people can take different things away from it. When I’m shooting a location, I want to convey a feeling and a mood. I want to create an image that you can get lost in, without it being overcomplicated or too conceptual. I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to make things overly basic, but instead I opt for a level of realism over something fantastical.”

Jakob Wagner

Jakob Wagner was born 1985 in Herdecke, Germany. In summer 2008, he successfully completed his three-year apprenticeship as a photographer. He has since been living in Duesseldorf, where he has been working as a freelance photographer and image editor. His work has taken him to many different countries around the world. His personal photography projects, will culminate in future books and exhibitions.

Personal Website:

Jason Fiske

“My hand moves a lot. My legs move all the time. My eyes occasionally hurt. The first time I was conscious of creating art was when I started failing classes because my hand refused to let my eyes move away from the paper I was sketching on. I grew up in a small town with a rubber factory emanating awful smells from its center.

“My grandfather taught me how to fish, which birds were which, why I shouldn’t paint my fingernails and how to take a punch. These are the things I remember.

“In the form of drums, broken instruments, stolen xylophones. My camera is always with me. Photographs of places or moments I don’t want to end. Most of what I create stems from the things which fascinate me. My fear, my hatred, my inability to stop using the technology that is at once making it easier to find your way home and also turnings books into machines which are turning brains into mush which are going to make the spelling bees of the future very easy to win or push them into utter extinction.”

Jen Mann

Jen Mann is a Canadian artist living just outside of Toronto. She attended OCAD U from 2005-2009, receiving her BFA in printmaking. Since then she has focused on painting and developed a large body of work, which explores the subconscious, and focuses on ideas of freedom, perceived beauty, identity and home. Jen loves to garden, cook and watch movies in her free time.

Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown is a Providence-based artist who loves drawing, collage, and working with found materials- especially old paper.

Jeremy Miranda

B. 1980 Newport, RI
2004 BFA Mass College of Art
2000 School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Lives and works in Salem, MAX

Jodie Mohr

Jodie Mohr is an American artist currently living and working in Los Angeles.

Jon Macnair

“There is a definite sense of darkness and mysticism that permeates my landscapes and characters. Often I place my characters in a nighttime setting. At night, nothing is what it seems; shapes shift and shadows loom, tricking the eye and making us question what is real and what is imagined. There’s an introspective kind of silence and solitude that occurs only at night. The dreary realities of life melt away, allowing myth and magic to emerge from the darkness to weave fantastical, dreamlike narratives.”

Jordan Buschur

"The paintings in this body of work use collections and arrangements of books to implant ordinary objects with psychological meanings. The groupings of books, stacked or on shelves, act as a stand in for one person’s accumulated knowledge and memories. Some stacks of books remain blank: full of potential or conversely, impenetrable. Other groups of books include painted words and images to act as clues into meaning."

Juan Chavarria Jr.

Juan Chavarria Jr. is an all-around creative based in San Diego, California. His works featured on Mammoth & Co were drawn using a mechanical pencil on recycled paper.

Julien Pacaud

I’m a french illustrator, currently living in Le Mans, France. Before becoming an illustrator, i was, by turns : an astrophysician, an international snooker player, a hypnotist and an esperanto teacher. I hope I can someday have enough free time to devote myself to my real passion : time travel.”

Karina Eibatova

Eibatova Karina is an illustrator and fine-artist, born in Leningrad, USSR ( St.Petersburg, Russia ), currently based in Vienna, Austria. Karina specialises in drawing, illustration, murals, video, calligraphy and typography.
Her portfolio reveals a versatile artist equally adept at colorful surrealist explorations as well as more traditional approaches.
Karinas work is connected to the notions of nature, peace and love. Influenced by Earth and space, she delicately transforms floral motives into her own surreal, psychedelic scenes, rebelling against the remorseless actions of society and the continual destruction of the environment. She was fond of drawing since childhood, she studied classical art disciplines in St. Petersburg, fine art education in Sweden, contemporary art in Moscow, media art in Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna.

Personal website:

Kate Laboon

Textile designer by trade/day, she is also one-half of the bowerbird duo, an online web-studio and collective where she exhibits her work with her sister. Kate’s paintings are directly influenced by her work in the textile field where she has developed a bold and graphic painterly style, focusing directly on pattern structure as well as positive and negative space. She cites her sources of inspiration as everything from antique lace to fig leaves, and feels the most happiness when she dreams about color, shape, and pattern.

Kate Russo

Kate Russo’s work explores color theory and pattern within the confines of pre-existing designs and templates. Most often using the grid as a skeleton, she employs repetitive marks and color variations to compose a unique pattern within the framework. Russo is interested in the strong relationship between obsession and repetition, working with a problem-solving mentality in each piece she makes. The subtle and relentless mark-making creates a nervous energy not typically associated with the decorative designs that inform her practice, particularly domestic and architectural ornamentation.

Katie Ridley Murphy

Katie Ridley is an American artist currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.

Katy Horan

“My work examines female roles and representation found throughout history, art and mythology. I pull from a variety of sources, using mixed references and visual fragments to build new variations of familiar figures. My hope is that the image will be at once identifiable and ambiguous, inviting the viewer’s own imagination and past experiences to inform their interpretation. ”

Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown is a photographer based in Victoria, British Columbia. Using a natural light approach with a focus on seasonal beauty, her work reflects a creative life rich in all the things that nourish us from food to flowers, from the moments that mark our history to the ones that make each day sweet.

Take a look at Kelly's personal site here.

Kevin Chupik

Kevin Chupik was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1967, and graduated from Texas Christian University in 1992 with a B.F.A in Painting and Drawing. After receiving his M.F.A. from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1995, Kevin moved to Las Vegas, where he has been living and working since 1997. Since 2003, he has been teaching painting, drawing and design at the College of Southern Nevada. A lifetime of interest in imagery, history, language, and travel has fed numerous bodies of work, spanning the last two decades. Kevin’s work is amongst private collections throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Personal Site:

Kimi Pryor

Kimi Pryor was born in Santa Monica, CA, and grew up in Los Angeles. She studied at Oberlin College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she earned a BFA in painting and drawing. Her work has been featured in publications such as Carpaccio and Blanket Magazine. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA, and is a founding member of the HAND Drawing Collective.

Personal website:

Klaus Pichler

“Photography for me is the ideal tool for expressing my emotions and feelings as well as doing some kind of scientific research on topics that interest me. This leads to highly subjective pictures, grounded in facts and blended with personal expressions and aesthetics. I like irony in my pictures, both towards the chosen topics I am working on, as well as towards the portrayed persons. What interests me in my photographic work is the hidden aspects of everyday life in its varying forms, as well as social groups with their own codes and rules. I like to get a view behind the scenes and to work on my projects witch a conceptual approach."

Laura Berger

Laura Berger is an artist & illustrator based in Chicago.  

Her work is focused on exploring our connections to ourselves & each other, and the idea of finding novelty and adventure in everyday life.  She is interested in rituals, symbols, nature, dreams, travel, our quest for self-development, and how we piece it all together to create personal meaning and a sense of belonging to the greater whole.

Laura has exhibited her work in various places around the world, has a line of paper goods, and also creates short animations & paints murals from time to time.  You can see more of her work at

Lauren Bahr

“I started making abstract work as a remedy to the stress of big city life. The simple act of using a ruler to create shapes which then could explode with color was so pure and comforting that I was compelled to do it again and again. I love turning my brain off and just getting lost in the growth of the images.  It’s such a luxury.

These works verge on, but specifically avoid, mathematical precision, wandering instead toward an invocation of effigies, otherworldly maps, and emblems of future religions. Both the process and the product can be defined as meditation.”

Lauren Mycroft

Lauren Mycroft is a Canadian painter whose abstract works reference organic shapes using complex layers and staining.

Using a contemporary palette and methodical layering technique, Mycroft creates process-driven artwork that feels both fresh and familiar.

Lionel Williams

“I create surreal art that incorporates religious imagery, mystical sensationalism, sacred locations, some psychedelic concepts into collage-art and similar concepts into ambient/rock music. I’m influenced by the Middle East, specifically Egypt, Israel, and Turkey, and attempt to fuse archaic forms of art and music indigenous to those areas, simultaneously attaining a modern medium. I’m also influenced by occult magic, ceremony, and mysteriousness in general.

“There’s a world of magic and fantasy that lives in my mind that I’m constantly trying to project and define. I hope that both my art and my music provide imagery for these surreal landscapes, to venture the mind into certain zones, and to bring communion to those who feel separated.”

Liz Lau

Liz Lau is a photographer from Toronto, now calling Hong Kong home.

Liza Sylvestre

Moments come to greet us
and I am startled by the violence of the earth separated
by the silence of the fields.
The blue crab scurrying over hot asphalt,
the weight of water wrapped around the shoulders of downtown.
The blur of dirty traffic on top of earth pressing into itself.

I eat lunch between the shadows of buildings
which are not the wet pines in the forest and I feel the sky moving in me,
and I notice how the cement of a city sets off the green fire of my heart.

I open and close. 

Luke Brookes

“I’ve always been artistic. Drawing and creating things just came naturally and it was what i always wanted to do from an early age. My work is very narrative driven, I cannot help creating little stories in my head about the scenes or characters I create. I like to include as much depth in my work as I can, so when you come back and look at it you discover a new element. A lot of my work depicts scenes of nature and the beauty of a landscape. I use layered shapes and color’s to create vast worlds and scenes ranging from a snowy wilderness to fantasy wonderlands that always engage the viewer.”

Marcus Gunnar Pettersson

Marcus Gunnar Pettersson was born in a small town in the middle of Sweden. He currently attends Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, in Stockholm.

“I have always seen myself as someone who creates. And I’ve always loved to create. There isn’t much in life that can compete with that, except for loving. And my love for creation is important.

“I find it very hard to know what inspires me. It is more like a feeling that is floating inside, without knowing what the reason for it is. It’s almost like I get inspired by the inspiration itself. I like watching things grow, like nature. And I like awkward moments too, like when you accidentally say something inappropriate and there’s suddenly a weird and painful silence in the room. I love that. Don’t know why. Maybe I am provocative in social situations.

“I feel down to earth, and at the same time not at all. As I said before, I love nature and I love people, which is why I always draw at cafés. So that I can meet people and drink my coffee. My style is like people and nature: organic. And occasionally creepy.

“I try to be open minded. I work with chance, making coffee stains and trying to draw something out of it. Exercises for the mind. I love what I do, and I’m just going along that track. I don’t know were I will end up, or what the future looks like. After all, I’m just someone who creates…”

Mark Warren Jacques

Mark Warren Jacques is an artist and optimistic amateur philosopher based in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco. His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows throughout North America and has been featured in such publications as Juxtapoz, Arrested Motion, D Magazine, and Licht.

“I am a painter, a dreamer, a reader, often a thinker, ambitious, and living for love and beauty. My work is a major connector between my body and my mind. Sometimes life is pretty wearing on the soul and the body, so the work becomes a resting place.

“Art is a place to get away from everything and to connect to myself, both in thought and in the action of making stuff. It also connects me in a very direct way to the way I understand the world around me.”

Mary Anne Kluth

"My long-term project as an artist is to explore the nexus of landscape imagery, narrative, and ideas. Recently I found a collection of vivid descriptions of the California landscape written by Whitney Expedition botanist William Brewer between 1860-1864, and I am using these passages to explore visual translation and contemporary theme park simulacra. Using only my own collection of snapshots of fake theme park landscapes, and a little Photoshop, I am piecing together both digital and hand-cut collages to match Brewer’s journal entries, producing improbable Romantic landscapes."

Personal Website:

Melissa Arendt

Melissa Arendt is a California native and currently resides in Sacramento, CA. As a visual artist, she is in a constant state of creation, whether through painting, illustration or graphic design. Stylistically, she enjoys the aesthetics of colorful cells (she refers to as “clusterfucks”) juxtaposed with technically lined pencil drawings. Melissa has been involved in a total of six art shows throughout California. Her work has been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine, Hi-Fructose and Print Magazine.

Michael Hall

Michael Hall creates paintings, sculpture and videos that examine the dynamics between control and protection, and how we sacrifice one for the other in order to feel safe. Whether recontextualizing California coastal landscape painting to reveal it’s hidden and deteriorating military past or tracing the complicated interrelation between man and animal, Hall’s work explores the personal, social or political relationships that are created around these underlying needs and decisions.

Michelle Heslop

Inspired by her home’s location near the sea in Victoria BC, Michelle’s watercolour and pen work explores the mutable abstract landscapes of the seaside. Informed by her connection to the natural world, she captures organic forms, lines and textures that invite ease and contemplation. Characterized by layers of vivid colours and natural shapes stitched together with mark making, each piece represents a dialogue of interconnectedness.

Mitch Payne

Mitch Payne is a photographer based between London and the Midlands.

Nick Tassone

Born in Ohio, and lived in several states after that. Received a BFA in New Media Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in gray-skied New York and is now working in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Work encompasses print design, motion graphics, and many other aspects of the design world.

Nick Worley

Nick was born and raised under the damp, grey skies of North West England and, once he became of age, spent two years drying off in New York, USA.

His personal work follows an architectural line of enquiry applied to landscape principally documenting the northern parts of the United Kingdom through geometrical harmony and the square format.

Personal Website:

Peter Carrington

“My work is initially a portrait of my futile search for knowledge, in the face of dyslexia. My practice is inspired by vintage journals of science, geometry and natural history all of which I wish I could academically conquer. I create seemingly scientific drawings, prompting viewers to read them in such a way as to gain knowledge. After realizing that this is impossible and that the visual languages of science are orphaned from their keys, these decontextualised images will be viewed in a new light. Harsh lines of labels,even letters, become abstract, and new meanings can be found. I have consolidated my research to create a visual language of my own. Mark making found from vintage zoological plates combine with geometry diagrams and pattern from scientific graphs and become symbols, making the viewer question if these images of science, nature, mystical or the occult.”

Peter Zeglis

“A person addicted to imagery.
Born in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Self-taught photographer.

At first, photography was a substitute for painting.
Soon, it became daily life.”

Pia Jane Bijkerk

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Rachel Mosler

Rachel Mosler received her BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design and her MPS from the School of Visual Arts.  She lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn and works as a Creative Arts Therapist at NYU Medical Center.  Over the past decade she has exhibited in both solo and group shows at galleries in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, North Carolina and in Paris.  She has also been featured in several art and culture blogs and online gallerys such as Little Paper Planes, The Beholder, Mammoth and Company, Booooooom and Design for Mankind.

Raina Kirn

Raina Kirn is a photographer based out of Toronto, Canada.

Rebecca Chaperon

With a compulsion to create unique visual stories, Rebecca Chaperon takes the imaginative subjects of her paintings and establishes an ability to engage people by speaking to the enchantment of our human experience. Her paintings act as a means of storytelling, conveying the notion of human struggle in the 21st century. Tempered by references to the synthesized, modern world she combines the classical landscape aesthetics of the past with an aspect of ambient self-reflective self-portraiture.

Born in England in 1978, Rebecca settled in Toronto, Ontario at age 8. She attended Emily Carr University where she studied fine arts until graduation in 2002. She has exhibited her work across Canada and has been featured in several Canadian publications.

Rosanna Webster

Rosanna Webster is an illustrator experimenting with film, photography, projection and collage.

Russell Leng

“My work is characterized by geometric forms interacting with organic marks. This is seen in a variety of ways, such as a rigid line next to a loose application of paint or gradient. I notice these relationships in nature as well: a tree breaking through a concrete sidewalk, or a housing development by a river. I want to examine these relationships between natural and built landscapes, conjuring a new sense of place. By confronting the viewer’s perception of landscape, I aim to question how these unceasing amalgamations change how we identify with our environments, and perceive ourselves within them.”

Ruth Shively

Working largely with the figure, Shively's work boasts dramatic positive/negative space and a strong sense of intimacy. See more of her work at

Sarah Burwash

Sarah Burwash grew up in a small mountain town in British Columbia, Canada. Sarah graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan in 2009 with a BFA in drawing and print making. Working in a variety of media from drawing and collage to video and ceramics, Sarah’s work most often takes form in narrative watercolour paintings and installation. Sarah currently resides in Nova Scotia, working full time as an artist and freelance illustrator.

Personal Site:

Seb Evans

Originally hailing from Vancouver Island, Seb Evans is a Montreal based emerging artist whose drawing and print based work explores ideas surrounding identity through the lens of history. His work focuses on labour, marginalized populations and our relationship to the land where we live. Further, he reclaims agency in creating and propagating alternative or lesser known histories while combatting jingoist sensibilities. He utilizes archival imagery, turning his collection of work into a filtered archive of its own. The abstraction of an historical document into a visual piece allows broader access to the oft obfuscated,“rose-coloured lenses” of our collective stories of identity.

Stephanie Chambers

“I started making paintings of plants and animals after a deeply meaningful trip to Australia. There, I marveled at how different the natural world was from my home in New York and found myself inspired to include natural elements in my artwork. When I returned, I started crowding my picture plane with plants and animals. Eventually, I began to arrange them by shape and found myself selecting the painting subjects for purely aesthetic reasons. Because of this, in my work, a crab or starfish is really no different than a triangle or a pattern.”

Stevie Clark

Stevie Ada Klaark is an artist who lives and works in Ithaca, NY, USA and Minneapolis, MN, USA. Klaark is pursuing her MFA in Visual Art at Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP), (anticipated 2017). Her work has been featured on Art Hound (Brooklyn, New York); Artsy Forager (Eureka, California); Booooooom! (Vancouver, BC, Canada); Buy Some Damn Art (Brooklyn, New York); Hyperallergic (Brooklyn, New York); and Rate My Artist Residency (RMAR) (Brooklyn, New York). Her work has been published in Paint Pulse Magazine, Issue 3 (New York, NY) and on the cover of the Chicago Review, Issue 59 : 1 /2 (Chicago, IL).

Her website can be found here.

Steven Riddle

“My work explores ideas of misperceptions and misrepresentations of nature and cultural traditions. Natural rock formations known as geodes can be artificially colored using man-made methods. This results in the perversion of the original colors that are found in natural formations, the dyed geodes displaying a falsification of nature. Tchotchke markets exploit indigenous societies, stealing, altering, and profiting from their culture through souvenir sales. These mementos have no cultural value other than being a product of a consumer-driven economy. They are misrepresentations which add to the destruction of cultural traditions.

“I chose to work on paper for this series because I view its physical properties as temporal, and its fragility as appropriately related to the relationship between nature and indigenous culture."

Taryn Coulson

My current paintings engage with the idea of the repetition of a calculated action, and the inconsistencies that result as the act is performed again and again. Each work starts as a basic grid structure, and through the monotonous process of addition and subtraction using repeated colours and techniques, the resulting pattern is contrasted by the performative action of its making and the unpredictable nature of oil paint. This has brought me to the realization that the more something is repeated, the more it changes. That ultimately, there is really no such thing as repetition, only variation.”

TJ Watt

TJ Watt is an award winning photographer living in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, BC. He combines his passion for wilderness adventure and conservation by documenting some of today’s most pressing environmental issues.

TJ is also the co-founder of The Ancient Forest Alliance. The Ancient Forest Alliance is a British Columbian organization working to protect the endangered old-growth forests of BC and to ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province.

Personal Website:

Tom Butler

“I am fascinated by the human desire both to hide and to perform. In a visual way, I collect memories, thresholds and hiding places and attempt to re-manufacture them. My work expresses my natural inclination towards introversion and the opposition of displaying artwork essentially about hiding.

For the last four years I have been appropriating anonymous photographs, etchings and postcards with incorporated personal symbols such as hair, hoods and masks painted on the surface with gouache. In the process I attempt to reveal aspects of imagined inner personalities of the sitter while entirely in the knowledge that I am cloaking them with parts of myself. I use these portraits as psychological clotheshorses in which to create grotesque and sinister scenarios, enabling me to project thoughts, fears and anxieties in an immediate and direct way often with a macabre sense of humor.


Travis Hetman

” I find much inspiration for my work in the existential realm and mostly it can be understood by something Franz Kafka said: “In man’s struggle against the world, bet on the world.” ”

Troy Moth

Troy Moth spent the first few years of life in a tent guarded by large dogs in a remote tree-planting camp on the west coast of Canada. He loved the wild and abundant nature he grew up immersed in, but eventually the call to adventure became too much and he moved, first across Canada to the big city (Toronto), then across the world to India, to pursue a career in photography. Troy has exhibited his work nationally in Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto and Internationally in New York, Kansas, Italy and Switzerland.

Personal Website: 

Tyson Anthony Roberts

“As I visualize the world around me morphing into fragments of digitized color, the abstract harmony of our environment simultaneously resists. Our ecosystems change, our environments change and we change. I believe my job as a painter is to capture this change as it is occurring. In my work, elements of abstract layering, color theory and spontaneity are merged to form rural and urban scenes that appear to be in constant transition, taking the viewer from what was to what may be.

“It is through this idea of continual movement that my paintings suggest the places we know are always changing, whether we are ready for them to or not…”

Personal website:

Victoria Ulrikke Iles

“I am a freelance illustrator currently living and working in Oslo, Norway. I work mostly with collage as a medium to explore a range of different themes such as identity, fantasy, and the darker side of human nature; recently exploring the theme of female serial killers. I am constantly trying to find beauty in often dark and serious subject matters, frequently subverting everyday imagery to create narratives that are seductive, yet unsettling. Recurring imagery such as obscured faces reveal my fascination with masked identity and loss of sense of self.”

Wang Yuanling

Wang Yuanling is a photojournalist living in Chongqing, China.

YT Tommy Lee

YT Tommy Lee is an illustrator currently living and working in Singapore.