Sons Of Dreams Jason Fiske

About the artist

“My hand moves a lot. My legs move all the time. My eyes occasionally hurt. The first time I was conscious of creating art was when I started failing classes because my hand refused to let my eyes move away from the paper I was sketching on. I grew up in a small town with a rubber factory emanating awful smells from its center.

“My grandfather taught me how to fish, which birds were which, why I shouldn’t paint my fingernails and how to take a punch. These are the things I remember.

“In the form of drums, broken instruments, stolen xylophones. My camera is always with me. Photographs of places or moments I don’t want to end. Most of what I create stems from the things which fascinate me. My fear, my hatred, my inability to stop using the technology that is at once making it easier to find your way home and also turnings books into machines which are turning brains into mush which are going to make the spelling bees of the future very easy to win or push them into utter extinction.”

About the piece

This print is made in-house using archival pigment inks on heavyweight 100% cotton fibre archival paper. Each print is custom-trimmed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Edition dimensions reflect actual paper sizes, not the printed image itself. While we try to maximize image size on all prints, a minimum border of .5 inches is left to allow for easy framing.

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