Bathers Kyle Kogut

About the artist

“The beauty and brutality of Nature has been a constant source of inspiration for my personal artistic exploration. While impossible to surpass Her, my study of Nature and the phenomenon that is life has been a continuous investigation of organic patterns and forms, stemming both from visual observation and also subconscious mark-making. Using an array of mixed media and processes, I create my works by overlapping variegated layers of these materials to attempt to portray the chaos, organization, and paradox of our world. Rooted in the commandments of Nature’s actuality, my work abstracts and skews organic truths to create new validity in my images. Personal experiences, memories, internal symbols, and my fascination with art historical imagery are translated though my studies into pattern and shape.”

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About the piece

This print is made in-house using archival pigment inks on heavyweight 100% cotton fibre archival paper. Each print is custom-trimmed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Edition dimensions reflect actual paper sizes, not the printed image itself. While we try to maximize image size on all prints, a minimum border of .5 inches is left to allow for easy framing.

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