Burnt 01 40" x 40" Edition of 3 Troy Moth

About the artist

Troy Moth spent the first few years of life in a tent guarded by large dogs in a remote tree-planting camp on the west coast of Canada. He loved the wild and abundant nature he grew up immersed in, but eventually the call to adventure became too much and he moved, first across Canada to the big city (Toronto), then across the world to India, to pursue a career in photography. Troy has exhibited his work nationally in Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto and Internationally in New York, Kansas, Italy and Switzerland.

Personal Website: www.troymoth.com 

Troy Moth's "Burnt 01" piece sized 40" x 40" in an edition of 3 hand signed with the edition number on the face of the print. Normal price: $1750.

Burnt 01 40" x 40" Edition of 3
Burnt 01 40" x 40" Edition of 3