Cobalt Teal (I) (Original) Taryn Coulson

About the piece

TITLE: Cobalt Teal (I)
SIZE: 16″ x 20″
MEDIUM: Acrylic on panel

* All original works are shipped directly by the artist.

About the artist

My current paintings engage with the idea of the repetition of a calculated action, and the inconsistencies that result as the act is performed again and again. Each work starts as a basic grid structure, and through the monotonous process of addition and subtraction using repeated colours and techniques, the resulting pattern is contrasted by the performative action of its making and the unpredictable nature of oil paint. This has brought me to the realization that the more something is repeated, the more it changes. That ultimately, there is really no such thing as repetition, only variation.”

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Cobalt Teal (I) (Original)
Cobalt Teal (I) (Original)